Yiwen GEM

What is Qi Gong 氣功?

氣 Qi = breath, vital energy

功 Gong = work, cultivation

氣功 Qi Gong is the cultivation of energy.

As an ancient art of moving meditation, Qi Gong 氣功 has its roots in Taoism philosophy 道教 and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 中醫. Based on the acupressure points 穴位 and the meridians lines 經絡, it cultivates Qi 氣, the internal energy flow through breathing, visualization, movement and meditation. It is a traditional healing therapy for self-awareness and self-care.

Public Space: A Playground City

Is it utopian to turn the city into a field of experimentation and play for everyone?

At least, it was possible in the quarantine, with less traffic and less noise.

In Amsterdam quarantine (March-May 2020), Yiwen took a long walk in the city every morning. Everywhere became so quiet and beautiful. Even the entire Dam square was completely empty.

The studio was close. Why not practice at the Dam square?

So she started the first Qi Gong practice at the Dam square, and later continued the practice at many different public spaces in the city. This becomes the series "URBAN QI GONG AMSTERDAM" 都市氣功. It is a mini-project to experiment "a playground city" and to explore the relationship between space and self.

Urban Qi Gong Amsterdam

Hope this series of Urban Qi Gong practice inspires you to think about these issues, and maybe explore the public space in your own way.