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Parents Kids Yoga in Quarantine

Compared with adults, it is much more difficult to keep kids home in the Coronavirus quarantine period, especially if you live in an urban small apartment. This is a big challenge for parents to help kids be active and be calm. Although in limited circumstances, we wish to encourage more parents and kids to do Yoga at home in a difficult period and to keep inner peace.

This series of Kids Yoga includes 12 short videos, all FREE online at Youtube channel GEM KIDS YOGA. It is a modest contribution made in Coronavirus quarantine time (March 2020) at Svaha Yoga, Amsterdam. Yoga is for Everyone. Sharing is caring, Namaste.

Film by Lucia Galindo Martinez

Kids Yoga in Nature

Yoga and Nature are good friends. Besides the physical movement, practicing Yoga outdoor helps kids be more present and mindful. It is a beautiful way for them to listen to the inner self and connect to Mother Nature. Yiwen teaches the dynamic and Aerial Yoga at the school kids camp of the Terragon Nature Lab. Hang the hammock from the big tree, we breathe and fly like a bird...

Kids Yoga at Terragon in 2015

Kids Yoga at Terragon in 2020

Weekly Classes

In the current situation of Coronavirus, the weekly Kids Yoga Class at Svaha Yoga Jordaan is stopped due to the restrictions of the studio. However, Yiwen will give (Parents) Kids Yoga workshops and related Kids Yoga Teacher Training in the near future. Details will come soon.

Class videos in the past years (from 2015)


In March 2019, Yiwen wrote and published her first book "KIDS YOGA ASANAS".

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